Hair Extension Application

We offer 3 different methods of hair extension application, all will have been discussed on your consultation and the safest and best method for your hair will have been chosen.

Micro Bonds

Micro bonds are the most popular method at Siren and Sass. Our strand-by-strand Micro Bond hair extensions create a free-flowing hairstyle, exactly like your natural hair, and therefore enables your scalp to ‘breath’.

Bonded with a non toxic resin, our bonds are attached 1cm from the scalp, so that they lie completely flat to the head, allowing your natural hair to continue growing without any disruption.

This method is perfect for all hair types and can be applied to fine or short hair. 

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Micro Rings

Micro rings are were small copper tubes are used to secure the hair extensions in place for a comfortable and healthy application.

No glue, heat or sewing are used to place these extensions in the hair. Similar to micro bonds, the rings lie flat to the head creating a natural comfortable look.

This type of extension can be suited to fine, medium and thicker hair types. 

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Hollywood Weave

The Hollywood weave is a cost effective way to achieve luxurious hair. This is where a series of micro rings are placed in a track along your hair, close to the scalp. They’re applied by threading a small section of hair through a silicone lined micro ring, which is then squished with pliers to hold it in place. Once these are applied the weft of hair can then be sewn in to them.

We use a new stitch called the Hollywood lock stitch, which holds the weft safely and securely and prevents sagging, tension or pulling. This method is the quickest we offer and can create amazing length and volume in under an hour – its suited to medium to thick hair types.

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The one-night express

extension package.

For one night only… We can offer application of clip in extensions.

Perfect for a  night out, we can match you to an in-house set of clip in extensions, style you and send you on your way.

Make it extra special with a pre-blow dry where you can relax on our massage backwash with a glasses of  prosecco, then leave with your extensions fitted and styled, looking and feeling fabulous. You will the have your clip in extensions to re-use.

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